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Angela is a wonderful therapist. She knows all my sore muscles and has a great personality and is very relaxing to be around. I came in hardly walking and after a very relaxing hour I left feeling very relaxed and walking normally again. I have referred people to her and will continue to refer people and have sessions with her. I will follow her to another town if need be. Highly recommended to anyone who wants a WONDERFUL massage. 

-- Sarah A. Mount Hope, KS


From Facebook:

I was hit by a trailer going at high-speeds several months ago. My chiropractor shook his head and said I had one of the most severe cases of whiplash he had ever seen. I started seeing Angela soon after my accident and experienced 5x the relief with her massages in comparison with chiropractic adjustments. To say that I am thrilled would be an understatement. With her help, I am well on the way to complete recovery.

She has logged thousands of hours of massages as well as had an impressive amount of training, instead of quitting studying after she was certified (which is common) she has continued to pursue further education, often even traveling out of state to attend conferences and training programs. All that results in an incredibly effective and professional massage.

I absolutely love how not only can she produce amazing results, she shows a genuine care and interest in all her clients and has a sense of humor that will have you laughing repeatedly throughout the hour and will leave you wanting to come back if for no other reason than to just hang out with her. She gets my highest recommendation. Pay her a visit, you'll never look back!

-- Sheri N., Partridge, KS


I've been a regular client for the past year, with both Angela and Elaine as therapists, and my health has improved dramatically. I'm positive massage is a significant factor. Thanks, Angela and Elaine, for finding the perfect balance between friendship and professionalism to make me feel completely at ease. You guys are the BEST.

-- Rebecca S. Hutchinson, KS


Angela you did a wonderful job. Thanks so much!!!

-- Rachel L. Hutchinson, KS


The best massage I ever received from Angela Yoder at Oasis Massage for Women in Hutchinson.  I recommend the hot stone massage....simply wonderful!  :)

-- Eileen S. Inman, KS


I'm addicted as my husband put it! When she was finished- I could barely get my muscles to cooperate because they were so relaxed!

-- Andrea H. Partridge, KS


Angie, my knee is sooo much better since you gave me my massage and worked on it. Thank you!!

-- Marilyn M. Hutchinson, KS


 Thanks for another great hot stone massage, Angela! You are the best!

-- Karen W. Hutchinson, KS


Angela Yoder I miss you!! Someone gave me a gift certificate for another location, so I went... makes me miss you more! Your massages are brilliant!

-- Amy H., Hutchinson, KS


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