Oasis Massage for Women
An Oasis in Your Schedule

Services and Rates

Oasis Massage for Women provides:

Hot stone, deep tissue, Swedish, pregnancy, Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique, MyoKinestic System, and chair massage.

$30 for 30 minutes

$40 for 45 minutes

$55 for 60 minutes

$80 for 90 minutes

Add $5 for hot stone massage. 


Swedish Massage

A relaxing, full-body massage which utilizes long gliding strokes, kneading, and other movements to relax superficial muscles. Massage relieves muscle tension and pain, increases flexibility, and helps remove lactic acid which reduces stiffness.  

Hot Stone Massage

  In this massage, which is similar to Swedish massage, the therapist uses the heated, smooth stones as an extension of her hands, placing the stones directly on the body.  The use of hot stones relaxes and warms up the muscle allowing the therapist to work deeper more quickly.  

 Deep Tissue Massage

  This massage uses many of the same techniques as Swedish but is aimed at deeper muscles and tissues. The pressure will be more intense as the therapist works to release tension or "knots". It's especially helpful for chronically tense areas.

Pregnancy Massage

 While this massage is similar to Swedish massage, the positioning is altered to accommodate the enlarged abdomen. Client is semi-reclining when face up, and side lying instead of lying face down.

Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique

Spontaneous Muscle Release technique is a series of passive contractions that allow therapists to release muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue.

MyoKinesthetic System

A global assessment that detects compensations within the nervous system. These compensations appear as postural abnormalities and result in physical impairment. The goal is to evaluate and treat posture imbalances to restore allostasis. For more information: http://www.myokinesthetic.com/about/about-us.html


Please drink a lot of water after a massage to help flush out any lactic acid  released by the massage.

If you do not, you might feel sore the next day.